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Compelling content as a tool for stories

As a proud Millennial, I've been using different social media platforms since 2007, and working on them professionally I've found the unlimited ways in which stories can be told. 

I thoroughly enjoy telling stories through content: be it a graphic or a video. It's incredibly satisfying to see how a digital strategy is born and solidifies itself in a content calendar. 

Since 2019, I've worked for an array of industries spanning from the entertainment industry to healthcare, to podcasting and media, which have given me the knowledge to excel at my job. 

What have I learned from all of these? We all have a story to share, we only have to find a way hoy. 

Get to know more about my work:

  • Backstage Talk Podcast, the only Latin American podcast covering Broadway and the Musical Theatre Industry. (2020 - today)

  • Black Heart, a co-operative agency where I am a digital strategist, social media & content manager for several projects. (2022 - today)

  • Boonet, a Colombian streaming platform for different contents. (2020)


  • Neurobusiness, a company that applies neuroscience to businesses. (2020 - 2021)

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